All You Need To Know About Ranked Tournament Season I
Feb 28 2023

Are you ready to be the top player and gain fame, glory, and get your hand on a $600 Prize Pool reward? Get the scoop on all you need to know about Ranked Tournament Season I right now with our comprehensive article.

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1️⃣Who can join: NFT Players Only

2️⃣Start date: 1st March

3️⃣End date: 31st March

4️⃣How to register: All you need to do is participate in the PvP, get in the Top 100 spots and bring home the rewards.

5️⃣Game mode: PvP

6️⃣Prize Pool: $600 for Top 100 Players

7️⃣Venue: Mainnet Version on both PC (Web Browser) and Mobile (Android Device)

8️⃣Rule and Regulation:

✅The playing turn per day is unlimited

✅Players will compete in the PvP mode and earn as much elo points as possible

✅The higher your rank, the more value your rewards.

✅All players will start at the same elo points.

✅The Top 100 players on the leaderboard will be picked at the end of the season.

9️⃣Prize Pool Distribution:

💰The rewards will be paid in OKG based on the equivalent exchange rate at the payout time. Champions will receive rewards within one week after the Leaderboard is announced.

🔟Player Conduct

🔥Please maintain sportsmanship and a positive attitude. Tournament organizers reserve the right to disqualify players.

🔥Offensive or derogatory language will result in a warning or ban from all Ookeenga events.

🔥Tournament organizers hold the right to use all gameplay records for promotion purposes.

🔥All the actions related to match-fixing will be completely prohibited. If our devs team found out any proof that you’re trying to buff the elo to 1 account (based on your IP address), you will be removed from the Tournament immediately.