👑Ookeenga Cup #1 Winners Announcement👑
Feb 26 2023

We’ve crowned the proud winners of Ookeenga Cup #1!


Congratulations to KakásCsigabiga and Pokerero – they both showcased exceptional talent and skill throughout Ookeenga Cup #1, deservedly claiming the Top Two Champions places.

Rank 1 Champion: ⭐️KakásCsigabiga⭐️ - 3 Legendary NFTs Heroes

Rank 2 Champion: ⭐️Pokerero⭐️ - 2 Legendary NFTs Heroes

We appreciate all of those who participated and presented in Ookeenga Cup #1, we couldn’t have done it without you!!

Congrats again to Top 8 Champions and Special Thanks to ⭐️KakásCsigabiga⭐️ and ⭐️Pokerero⭐️ from our entire Team Ookeenga!