Social Contributor Recruitment
Jan 09 2023

Ready for a stunning collaboration? We have something special for you.⁣⁣⭐

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Introducing the Ookeenga - Social Contributor Recruit – your chance to join a vibrant and creative community, where you can explore, share voices and ideas openly, earn points that can convert to 💰UNLIMITED NFTs and $OKG, and create lasting memories. You don’t want to miss this🔥🔥⁣⁣

1️⃣ Sign up to be listed in the Contributors List by DM OKG | Dyen on Discord or DM @Dyeninho on Telegram

2️⃣ After confirm your Contributor name, follow the Contributor Actions to earn Points⭐

3️⃣ How to get Ookeenga Contribute Points:

Point 1920x1080-100.jpg

4️⃣ Submit your Contribution Actions through this Form: We’ll verify your contribution daily and update your point if it’s legible

*Your action will not be counted if:

Like/Quote/Share tweets/posts on Twitter/FB from before 10 Jan 2023

The number of Action is more than the max Turns per day

The action is not on the listed platform

5️⃣ With Ookeenga Contribute Points, you can convert to NFTs or $OKG as following details:

⭐200 points for 3 NFTs

⭐200 points for 900 $OKG

6️⃣To redeem points into the $OKG or Ookeenga NFTs, please DM OKG | Dyen (Discord) or @Dyeninho (Telegram) to proceed with your reward verification.

7️⃣Dyen will verify your points and the rewards will be distributed to your wallet within 2 working weeks.

Together we'll make this community strong and full of valuable content and fantastic member experiences. Show your unique perspectives and start becoming Ookeenga Contributor now🤝🤝

Connect and Collect!