Ookeenga Official Game to Launch on October 20th
Oct 03 2022

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The next big step for Ookeenga is here, it is the worthiest result after a year of Ookeenga teams’ hard work along with the support from communities that have stood by us through all the ups and downs. The Ookeenga Official Game, slated to launch on October 20th as promised in the roadmap, will open up full features and updates that have been improved after a multitude of deep scans and bug-cleanups. With the upcoming mainnet, Ookeenga shall become a GameFi project that thrives and extends plenty of significant impacts within the GameFi and Crypto world.

It’s almost time to sink your teeth into the newest version of Ookeenga!

About Ookeenga

Ookeenga is a 3D NFT gaming project which combines blockchain technology with breath-taking graphics, appealing world-building, and addictive gameplay to create a uniquely immersive play-own-earn experience developed by CROS Gamestudio and published by SPORES Network.

Ookeenga is set in a world where insects have evolved and built a massive civilization in an ancient forest called Glaik (The Sacred Forest), which is divided into 2 factions: the Akhah (Pureblood) and the Ahika (Mixedblood). In this chaotic fantasy world, players can build forces, develop their own tribes and engage in fierce battles to hold dominion over the Forest.

From the standing start, Ookeenga has achieved noticeable success:

• Amassed over 500K++ members globally.

• Onboarded 50+ partners such as PathDAO, Bytenext, Binance NFT, Sky Vision Capital, Good Game Guild, Spores Network, etc.

• Sold out 12,000 NFTs in two phases of INO across community, launchpad & game guilds.

• Successfully launched Ookeenga Forbidden Land minigame with 500–700 weekly players.

• Successfully deployed the Alpha, Beta Version, and completed Testnet Version.

How to play Ookeenga?

Join in the Ookeenga World, players will have their own deck containing different Troop Cards and Skill Cards. Players will drop their troops from decks to the battlefield and whoever wipes out the opponent’s troops and heroes’ towers first wins.

To get started on the game, players need at least 3 Heroes NFTs to participate in the battle:

• Each hero has a unique set of features and skills.

• Each hero = 2 unit cards + 1 spell card.

The game ends in 3 minutes or when the player destroys the opponent's main tower.



PVE feature is the player's journey to lead the tribe through the lands, battle against the army of the Akhah (the Pureblood) species, and face Amoik (The Mother Insect) to regain possession of the Source Tree.

Players will go through many stages with the final and fiercest battle being the BOSS stage. Defeating an enemy will grant players direct resources or treasure chests with random rewards instead of replay times. After passing the boss stage, the player can go to the next zone.


The Ookeenga NFT marketplace is an in-house market where our players may trade their NFT game assets as: Cocoons Heroes Land & Treasury (Coming soon).


New heroes in Ookeenga are created by breeding two heroes the player already owns. To minimize inflation, heroes will have a limited time of breeding; heroes will not continue to breed once the limit is reached. After a period of time, the full-grown hero will break the cocoon and come out, ready for action.

A key takeaway for players is that the hero used for breeding will require a time-out period before being available for breeding again.

Staking Program

Ookeenga staking pool is the program to reward long-term OKG holders by offering high earning yields by OKG token. Add on top of that, the benefits of the Ookeenga staking program are not only from the OKG token rewards (APR) but also the valuable bonus in-game items.

It is essential to acknowledge that GameFi industry is ever changing and in order to stay ahead of the curve we won’t stop updating, adding new features, and making changes to Ookeenga. In terms of future goals, there is a never-ending need to continuously develop the game and make sure it is always on the right track. We always do our utmost to capture the mission to bring you the greatest experience with the upcoming Ookeenga Mainnet.

Watch out our Official Game Trailer: https://youtu.be/XQqMKLmxwVA

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