Ookeenga Staking Pool Is Now LIVE!
Sep 29 2022


Staking is one of the main features of Ookeenga, offering long-term benefits for OKG holders. With this latest feature, we’re looking to encourage the community to participate in $OKG trading, which will ultimately enhance our on-chain metric, as well as grant you the opportunity to earn high-yield returns and valuable in-game items.

Timeline: 9am UTC, 29/9 - 9am UTC, 13/10

Unstake Start: 9am UTC, 11/1, 2023

Rewards: Starts from 182.62% in OKG tokens & in-game rewards

Token Rewards: 1,000,000 OKG tokens

In-game Item Rewards: Sweep tickets - Potion combos - Wild Card boxes - Genesis Cocoon NFTs

Stake OKG now: https://staking.ookeenga.io/stake

How to stake OKG: https://bit.ly/3r9q6U4

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